TEXTURES: Available only in 3 Natural textures

Our premium hair extension products are available only in 3 Natural Textures (Natural Straight, Natural Wavy & Natural Curly), a standard set to meet our Unique selling proposition to provide only the finest selected, top-notch quality Authentic Indian Hair Extensions as pure and divine as possible to those who enjoy and appreciate the luxury experience and high quality that caters to people of all ages, ethnicities and hair types offering unmatched longevity.


What is the hair you are selling? 

• Our Hair are sourced directly from temples in South India Cuticles intact and cuticle aligned Raw Indian Human Hair. The hair is untouched by chemicals, Textures Unaltered or Permed.
• Our Hair can be bleached and colored. It can also be heat styled to achieve any desired look.
• Texture of Hair: Natural Wavy, Natural Straight and Natural Curly's.
• Color of Hair: Natural Black and Natural Brown
• Lengths of Bundles: 16 inches to 38 inches. 38 inches & up are stocked based on availability or as custom orders.
• Weight of hair bundles: 100 grams (3.3 - 3.5 oz) minimum. 

What is Raw HAIR ? I need information 

Raw hair is exactly as the name applies; Raw, unprocessed, 100% cuticle intact human hair. When you think about unprocessed, this means it has not undergone ANY chemical, heat or steam processing.Raw hair is the purest and natural form of hair available on the market. Raw hair is great in that the quality is top-notch and can literally last you years. Raw Indian hair is most extremely popular and favored by stylists as they come in natural lighter and darker browns, which is good for bleaching and coloring the hair into desired colors.The Raw Indian hair comes in all 3 Natural textures only like natural straight, natural wavy and natural curly and can be heat styled into a desired style and the hair hold the styles good as the cuticles are intact.Raw Hairs textures and colors varies from one bundle to another as like how the real donor had it by nature. Raw hair is always pure and expensive. 

How long does your hair lasts? 

We only sell Raw Indian Hair in its natural texture, With Proper care and Maintenance our hair will last more than 4 years.Remember that you have purchased RAW human hair. This means that it will cooperate the same as your natural hair would! It was grown from a human scalp and will need to be treated as such. Check out our hair care guide. 

Girl can I color your hair ?

Hell yeah! All our Raw hair in natural black/natural brown can be colored to 613. Since all hair is natural and can vary, some hair may be harder to lift than others. Always remember you can only go 2 to 3 levels lighter with virgin #1B hair. To go lighter will require bleaching, which should be left to licensed professionals. Colored hair should not be colored. Since the hair has already gone through one chemical process to achieve the color, treating it again could lead to undesirable results.

Our advice is always to have your hair colored by a licensed professional or hair colorist. If you decide to color your hair on your own, we always recommend performing a strand test on a small section of the hair. If you need advice, give us a call or contact a professional for more help. Please keep in mind, once hair has been colored, your return or exchange is void, and we are limited in how we can help if a problem arises.

What Origin is this hair from again? 

The hair comes from the temples in South India. Every day more than 50,000 women and men from various parts of India visit the temple to donate their hair as a religious experience. The hair is then auctioned with the proceeds going back into the temple and communities of India. Once the raw hair is sourced from the Temples of India it is thoroughly inspected, cleaned, washed and manufactured. 

Why is my hair so frizzy?

All our hair are cuticle intact unprocessed real high-quality human hair that hasn’t been processed nor altered. As you go higher in human hair quality there will be some frizz. But the coarser the hair the higher the frizz. To avoid frizzy hair, start with clean wet strands. Apply conditioner and comb through before rinsing with cool water. Once your hair is completely dry, use a leave-in conditioner for protection and Styling extension air-dry. Manipulating the extensions while drying will cause them to frizz again.

General Questions

How do I take care of raw hair extensions? 

We've put together a hair care guide to help you understand how to take care of your hair properly. This is very important, and please read our guide! 

Do I need to wash my hair before installing?

Duh! The shipping process sometimes flattens the hair, and a gentle wash or co-wash can really bring it back to life. We've put together a hair care guide to help you understand how to co-wash your extensions before installing This is very important, and please read our guide!

I am having issues with my hair. What do I do? HELP! 

Here at Myra Jay Extensions , we maintain a very high level of quality assurance. All our hair goes through a rigorous triple-point inspection to make sure you are receiving the best quality product possible. All hair orders are thoroughly inspected before shipping. Hair problems like tangling and matting are usually related to a maintenance issue or hair care regimen. Since all hair is natural and can vary from batch to batch, it's important to use the right hair care products.

Contact us via email at sales@myrajaycollection.com to notify us of any issues you are experiencing. We will reply to you with suggestions and solutions based on the situation and issues.

Please read our Return policy for more details.

How much hair do I need? 

 2 packs under 18", 3 packs 18"-24", 3+ 26" & longer. To be honest it is up to you our wefts are thin but the hair is thick from the top to bottom. 

What products should I use? 

 We only recommend high-quality hair care products. Always choose sulfate-free products. Avoid using cheap products found at your local drug or grocery store. These products contain chemicals that can dry out the hair. Besides, your local stores often stock old products, which can cause certain chemical agents within the product to be deactivated. Our recommended products list is on the back of the hair care guide card. 

How often do I need to wash my hair? 

We recommend shampooing and conditioning the hair at least once a week using professional-grade products. If you have Clip-On extensions, this will be about every fourth wear. Since the hair is no longer attached to a live root, properly cleansing and conditioning your extensions is crucial.

Over shampooing (more than 3-4 times a week) will dry out the hair.

Under shampooing (less than once a week) can lead to building up, which will cause tangling and matting. When applying products don't use too much. Remember a little goes a long way. 

What is Co-Washing and do I have to do it? 

In fact yes you do.  Co-washing is short for conditioner-only washing. Some people prefer co-washing because using shampoo can sometimes strip the hair of its natural oils, leading to dry and brittle hair. Co-washing is recommended for all textures to help keep the hair hydrated and less frizzy. Always remember to use the high-quality sulfate-free product.

What hair products should I avoid?

Avoid product that contains sulfate, ammonia, parabens, or harmful chemicals that can dry out your hair.